PT Cornhill

Pursuing excellence in handling God's word

PT Cornhill is a training course with a primary aim of training preachers. Alongside this we train men and women to teach the Bible in other contexts, such as youth/children's work and women's ministry.

We are delighted to receive applications for September 2014 at any time.

  • What will I study?
    The key elements are:
    • Foundations: principles of expository preaching, in-depth study of Bible books, lots of preaching/teaching practice
    • Vital background: biblical theology and foundational doctrines
    • Preaching/teaching in its practical contexts: pastoral issues, church leadership, evangelism, youth & children's work
  • How long does it take? The course is usually taken part-time over two years and can also be taken full-time in one year.
  • What else could I do while studying the course part time? On the Cornhill Ministry Scheme students take the course part-time over two years while being trained by churches (or para-church agencies) where they are employed during the rest of the week.
  • Course Accreditation The course is accredited by Middlesex University Institute for Work Based Learning.Middlesex University

    Students successfully completing the course will receive a certificate in "oral exposition of the Bible", worth 120 academic credits (60 at level 4 and 60 at level 5). The course is independently moderated by the University Link Tutor from Middlesex.

  • The PT Cornhill Training Course is now on the UK Border Agency's Highly Trusted Sponsor List. You can read the latest inspection report from the Bridge Schools Inspectorate on their website, here.
  • Further information:

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