Course Contents

Course Contents

We long to see people equipped to expound Scripture prayerfully, as the heart of their Christian ministry.  These are the key elements of the course that serve this aim:


  • prayer, godliness and the heart
  • the doctrine of Scripture
  • theology of preaching
  • principles of Bible exposition

Bible books

  • a series of in-depth studies of Bible books.  In recent years these have included Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah, Job, John, 1 Corinthians, Galatians, 1 and 2 Timothy, Hebrews, James, and Revelation.
  • working on how to preach different Bible genres, such as gospel, prophecy and apocalyptic
This is a core element of Cornhill, filling a good proportion of the course.

Theology for preachers

  • Biblical Theology:  an overview of Scripture as a whole
  • Introduction to Systematic Theology:  setting out central Christian doctrines
  • History:  just a little vital background on the history of biblical interpretation and preaching

Practical ministry

This focuses on preaching and Bible-teaching in the context of the overall ministry of the local church.  A good amount is taught by experienced visiting speakers:

  • the pastoral context:  we grapple with some pastoral issues issues in light of God’s word
  • the leadership context:  the role of preaching in the leading of a local church
  • the context of different roles:  we divide up for part of the time into a Pastor-Teacher Stream and a Women’s Ministry Stream
  • the evangelistic context:  the nature and role of evangelistic preaching and teaching
  • the context of all ages:  specifically, Word ministry among children and young people.

Lots of practice!

  • This is done weekly in small groups, with constructive criticism from a staff member.  Over the course it builds from ‘gobbet’ groups examining short passages of Scripture to determine their meaning in context, through to preaching groups where a student gives a full practice sermon/talk (as appropriate).
  • Also every Cornhill day begins with a Bible exposition given by a student
  • We’ve recently added just a few sessions on story-telling and effective communication, too.

What are the distinctives of Cornhill?

  • Focus.  The course focuses single-mindedly on expository preaching and Bible ministry.
  • Intensiveness.  Cornhill runs for four days per week, usually covered in two years (part-time), but sometimes in one year (full-time).
  • Speaking practice.  On average a Cornhill student will give around 20 presentations from Scripture during their time on the course. These vary from short explanations to full practice sermons or talks. Each is followed by constructive criticism and feedback.
  • Preaching taught by preachers.  Our agenda is the practical one of spoken ministry rather than the written one of essays. We want preaching to be taught and modelled by experienced preachers.
  • Dedicated teaching staff who are freed up from the day to day responsibilities of leading a local church.
  • A rich and varied peer group of fellow students including internationals.

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