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The tragic case of Peaches Geldof and heavenly reunions

You may have heard the news last week of the tragic death of Peaches Geldof, one of the children of Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates. Cause of death is uncertain at the moment, but it looks remarkably like suicide. Bob Geldof's words express the reality of hopeless grief: The family are "beyond pain" he said. One newspaper headline caught my eye.

A fable about preaching chiasms

As usual, I read through the passage before starting my sermon preparation. As I did so, it struck me forcibly that this passage could perhaps be structured in a certain way. I wasn’t sure, but it was a nagging doubt. ‘Wow!’ I thought to myself. If that is true, then it needs to be a centre point of my sermon and I need to let the congregation see how wonderfully constructed this little narrative is. Never mind bookends! I’ve found a chiasm. But it needed work.

What to do with your guitar

Just been flicking through Jeremy Fletcher's Rules for Reverends. Some are laugh out loud funny. Some are remarkably insightful. Some (mostly to do with Anglican hierarchy, I just don't get: E.g. Rural Deans. Not Rural. Not Deans. 



Krish Kandiah's new book is really very good. Christianity is full of paradoxes which are not meant to be solved, but properly and reverently held in tension. Krish's book doesn't give you simplistic answers to complex problems, therefore, but encourages us to do more than accept these paradoxes; rather, Christians ought to actively rejoice in them. 

After all, we worship a God who is Three-in-One.

Here's a brief introduction.

Bring a bike

We've got almost 200 guys coming to our ministers conferences this spring. I'm really looking forward to it. And just to say.... if you have a bike and fancy a country ride, do bring your bike along. As you'll see, we had fun last year...

Tackling obsessions

Have been reading Tony Merida's Faithful Preaching recently and was struck by this quote which is worth repeating as an encouragement to every preacher this Monday morning.

Preaching holy war

The first chapters of everything

Thank you, Lord, for John Richardson

The best introduction to the book of Revelation is still far and away John Richardson's little primer. Worth its weight in gold, in fact. This week we learnt that John was called to glory, long before you might expect his earthly pilgrimage to have been completed. The Lord knows best. Our prayers are with Alison and we acknowledge our grateful thanks for a persuasive writer, teacher, pastor, theologican and good friend to PT. 

New IT initiative today